Body by Lauren® Boot Camp


Rain Update: In the event it is pouring rain and/or there is lightning, class will be cancelled.

8:00am, Boot Camp

Orpheus Park
482 Orpheus Ave, Encinitas

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Join Lauren Griffith for weekly, outdoor workouts along the Encinitas coast. The Body by Lauren® Boot Camp integrates cardio, interval training, strength and flexibility to increase your heart rate and burn calories! The “Rip & Run” format is a cardio packed, stair workout along the Encinitas Coast. The “Circuit Training” format includes intervals and strength training as well as cardio drills for maximum results! Includes step by step Nutrition guide to what to eat, delicious recipes, wellness upgrades, and lots of daily suggestions to live a happier and healthier life from Nourish Mint Wellness! Strength Tests to measure your strength, endurance and flexibility! Stroller Friendly! There is a playground at the park too!

Drop In’s Welcome $15


BBL Boot Camp Testimonials

"Body by Lauren got me in shape and feeling amazing for my wedding. Through the constant positive encouragement to amazing hour long boot camp workouts and nutrition advice I lost roughly 15 - 20lbs over 6 months. I have never had the muscle definition that I have now nor the added energy from healthy eating. As a trainer she changes each workout and keeps them up beat so you never get bored. Post wedding I am continuing on with Lauren because I love her training and program so much!"
Juliet Nolan
"The world is a better place because of Lauren Huber Griffith. I was so nervous on my first day of boot camp. Lauren made me feel so comfortable from the moment I got there. I was only there for a "drop in class" to see if I could make it through the workout before committing to a ten week program. Lauren welcomed me to the group and even gave me my very own nutrition binder full of recipes and information even though I had not yet signed up for the program. Her warm, friendly and contagious spirit is just one of the many reasons she has become my ultimate fitness coach! I feel better than ever every single time I leave a session with Lauren. She is so in tune with each person's fitness level and knows exactly when and how to push you to your limits. I had no idea how fun and challenging a workout could be until training with Lauren. I have also met so many great people from all different fitness backgrounds and levels at Lauren's boot camp. I have made great friends and it is so wonderful to be a part of such a positive community and environment. In addition to Lauren's expertise and natural ability to create fun and challenging workouts, she knows how to get great results. After completing two of Lauren's boot camps, I have become stronger, better and faster! We do strength tests during week one, five and ten. I have improved tremendously in all tests! In addition, I have lost several inches and pounds and feel better than ever. Lauren has taken extra time to help me in customizing a nutrition plan and even doing my personal measurements every month. This has been so rewarding to see my amazing results! She genuinely cares about the success of each of her clients and it really shows! I am very grateful to have found Lauren and to be a part of the Body by Lauren family!"
Brooke Kissinger
"The beach boot camp series is a very challenging yet rewarding experience. Having participated in the summer and fall series I can say that I am hooked. Lauren is able to challenge participants of all levels with her vast knowledge of modifications and personalized attention she gives each student. Lauren knows how far I can push myself and wont let me stop until I reach my maximum effort. She does this all while positively encouraging and creating a fun and accepting environment; which is no simple task.  The workouts are challenging and coming three days a week made me see incredible improvements in my strength and endurance. Lauren begins the 10 weeks with a strength test which allows you to see your progress throughout. In the fall series, my numbers increased by 20% all the way up to 94% increase in some exercises. I was able to shed 3 seconds off a 75 yard inclined dash; a goal I was very happy to hit. You can't argue with the data. If you are willing to put in the effort and show up, Lauren is right along side you pushing you to your goal. Lauren also provides nutrition evaluations and personalized diet plans!  You get all this while enjoying the beautiful Encinitas sun! Days at the park are warm and students can watch their kids as they play on the jungle gym. Some days we run to the stairs at Pipes beach and work our butts off all while enjoying a crisp ocean breeze and are cheered on by local surfers. You cannot get this environment in any gym or studio.  As a student, I watch my wallet and often times workouts is where we try and save but here you don't have to worry about that! Lauren's boot camp could not be a better deal. You are rewarded with a lower per class fee for coming more frequently and I can tell you that pre-paying for your workouts makes it that much easier to get that motivation to go! Also, our small community that attends makes you accountable. Its fun to see friends each week, see the improvement we make together, and know that you're absence will be noted!  I am so happy and fortunate to have found Lauren & the amazing group of people that swear by her teachings. She is a true inspiration and I look up to her so much. She is a happy, energetic, positive woman who can change the way you look at fitness. The boot camp series is truly for anyone. Some people come once a week, some three times. We are in our 20s up to our 50s. There are students and CEOs. We have friends, mother-sons duos, and co-workers. Its an amazing 10 weeks that is always sad when it is over.... but generates so much excitement and anticipation for the next series to begin."
Lauren Dominguez
"I consider myself a pretty athletic person (running, surfing, gym and yoga), but I was still gaining weight because I was comfortable in my usual routine. Lauren's workout sessions have pushed me to get stronger and have helped me lose 10 pounds in only the first 4 months! Her workouts are creative, positive, and adjusted for every level, while finishing every session with health tips on how to eat better too! Our class members are friendly, fun and welcoming to anyone who comes. Join us!"
Trisha Hoste