Instructor Testimonials

“I cannot express enough gratitude for everything I experienced at the Fortis/Yogalux 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, under the guidance of Lauren Griffith. Her curriculum and teaching style largely expanded my knowledge of yoga philosophy; something I have grown to embody over the past few months. Her teaching allowed me to grow my passion of yoga from the way I’ve committed my life to my practice on and off the mat, to connecting my physical and emotional practices, to teaching me to guide others to grow in their practice in the same way. Her leadership in this program makes me feel that I can contribute in a much better way to the people around me. Only now i can fully understand what “life changing” truly means. I find myself desiring to make the move out of the corporate world toward the dream of becoming a yoga/fitness teacher. An extraordinary experience that has allowed me to find my inner yogi, to embrace it, but most importantly, to learn to share it with others. Since the completion of this class, I have felt excited, focused, and grateful! I am beyond happy with the decision to enroll in this program and honored to call Lauren my guru. She has inspired me to stay present in the moment and continue learning.”

– Gloria Sembach

“My experience with Lauren Griffith’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training was phenomenal! Lauren is the best of the best when it comes to yoga and fitness instruction. I have done yoga for many years and it was always a goal of mine to get my Yoga Teacher Certification. I was new to San Diego area so I did a lot of research online to find the best YTT in the area. I tried out Lauren’s hot yoga class at Fortis/Yogalux and I knew she was the teacher for me. She is a true yoga master and in my opinion, the best yoga instructor around! Just like Mary Poppins, she is “practically perfect in every way”. Even though I had lots of yoga experience, I still learned SO much in every class. Lauren has a vast knowledge and expertise when it comes to yoga but she still remains very humble, respectful and diplomatic in the way she handles her classes. She has a real way with people and she truly cares about giving you the best possible experience. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was nervous about teaching but Lauren’s insight and encouragement gave me the confidence to start teaching yoga. If you are thinking about signing up for YTT with Lauren, DO IT, you won’t regret it!”

– Holly Grow

“After practicing yoga for only a few years, I knew that I wanted more. I enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training program with the intention to further understand yoga philosophy and deepen my own practice. Under the careful instruction of Lauren Griffith, I have done just that. Her guidance and encouragement has allowed me to grow as an individual, a teacher and a yogi. What I have gained from the experience is beyond measure.”

– Alicia Horn

“Lauren has given me so much confidence as a yoga instructor. She leads by example and inspires everyone around her with her positive energy and encouraging nature. I have learned so much from Lauren about what it means to be an effective and likable yoga teacher. She has such a wealth of knowledge about the fitness and yoga industry. She helps you break down yoga sequences and gives you direct, concise language to use as a teacher. I am forever grateful for the experience and confidence Lauren has given me as a person and yoga instructor!

– Alex Strawn

“After many years of having a personal yoga practice, I finally decided to take the leap and complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Lauren. My experience with Lauren’s teacher training was immensely informative and educational. Lauren did an amazing job giving us a well-rounded breadth of information and training within our program. I leave the teacher training program feeling stronger in my personal practice and empowered to teach and help others find strength within their own yoga practice.”

– Emily Glassford

“The Agility Barre instructor training was incredible. I’ve been a trainer and group fitness instructor for 20 years now. I played pro football and boxed heavyweight as a pro so I was surprised how much I got out of this training. I remembered growing up watching Reading Rainbow with the LeVar Burton trying ballet and then hearing that some of my favorite football players practiced it. I have always wanted to experience the power of it. I’ve trained many martial arts and every type of yoga with great success so I can accurately say that Agility Barre could easily be called the Ninja Ballerina Workout! Lauren has done a phenomenal job of combining Barre, Yoga, Dance, and Ninja Boot Camp in a way that humbles while encouraging everyone! I am honored to be in the first instructor class in this system as I’m already seeing it’s popularity with my following. Easily the best workout system I’ve experienced. It kicks your butt and shapes clients incredibly.”

– Ibok Ibokulus

“Agility Barre is an incredible workout and cuts no corners in making sure all bases are covered for people who want to get (or stay) fit regardless of their surroundings. The instructor training covered sequencing for Full Bar, Half Bar, and so much more. I can’t pinpoint a favorite sequence ’cause I like so many of them. With variety like this, utilizing one piece of equipment, how can you possibly go wrong? Lauren Griffith has done it again, and in perfect timing!”

– Elizabeth Aschmoneit

“Agility Barre training with Lauren Griffith was an amazing learning experience.  As an experienced spin instructor, learning barre, for the first time, was a new style for me.  Lauren’s break down of proper movements, cueing, form, and programming was exceptionally well taught.  The opportunity to practice our learned choreography, from the position of an instructor, made the in-person training experience that much stronger.  This is a great training that supports an even greater style class! Thank you Lauren for bringing this class to us!”

– Neely Waiche

“One of my favorite fitness/yoga instructors is Lauren Griffith. My experience with the Agility Barre training was super positive and a fusion workout. Easy breakdown from beginning to end.  I cant wait to start teaching my own Agility Barre class.”

– Sara Somera

“I traveled from out of town to attend Lauren’s Yoga teacher training at YogaLux because I heard such great things about it, and I definitely was not disappointed! I got such great exposure to each of the topics in training and had the opportunity to learn from so many knowledgeable people!  I gained confidence in my teaching and feel like I have to tools to take my love of yoga to the next level of teaching!  A huge thank you to Lauren and all of the wonderful instructors she brought in!”

– Laura Silvey

“Lauren Griffith’s 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training is on point!! Lauren is such a supportive and encouraging teacher and leader.  She led a very impressive intense summer training program that provided all the key fundamentals to prepare me to teach yoga with confidence. The vast knowledge that the variety of guest teachers provided was an added bonus to what Lauren contributed.  In addition to leading a very well organized teacher training, Lauren continues to offer support and guidance!”

– Sara Randall

“I have only wonderful things to say about the 200 hour intense summer program. On the first day, I was feeling timid and unsure if I would be a good fit to be a Yoga teacher. Where I have practiced the art of Yoga on and off for 15 years, I knew I loved it but was unsure I could actually teach it. Lauren and the rest of the staff here at Fortis Fitness and Yogalux really made the program obtainable and achievable.

I really enjoyed how each workshop had a different instructor. The instructors that were chosen were phenomenal.They broke down each topic with ease and poise. I would come home from each day of  training, gushing to my family about all the exciting things I learned. My experience was very well-rounded and worth every moment I spent away from my family. I made new friends and found a new passion in life. By the end of the program I felt ready to teach and inspire!”

– Nicole Roach

“The Yoga teacher training with Lauren Griffith was a deep, beautiful and personal experience. The women I met in my training are very dear friends today and we formed true authentic relationships with one another. The perfect word to describe the environment I was in was “Real”. The training opened my mind to empathy, compassion and passion which were areas I wanted to improve on. The training was different each every day with good healthy surprises that we adapted to very nicely. In San Diego we live in the Mecca of Yoga, so the field trips were the best you could find in the Yoga world. The guest speakers that shared their knowledge was an experience that can’t be explained. Lauren, as my guided teacher, is dedicated and has been supportive from the very beginning and continues to be an unconditional support system that I can rely on. I strongly recommend the YogaLux Yoga teacher training because the experience will provide you with a connection between your mind, body and spirit!”

– Michele Mash

“SUCH A VALUABLE TRAINING!!! Lauren’s teaching offered the best combination of structure and consistent practice while empowering us to explore our own style! The class accomplished so much in helping us tread new ground with an unfamiliar format and helped us refine our teaching and communication style. Moreover, Lauren listened to us and helped us connect our past fitness experiences to what we learned. All this plus a kick-ass workout! I will be back for sculpt!”

– Katharine Dizaye

“I am beyond thankful and so very happy that I was able to be apart of the Body by Lauren Barre training because it far exceeded my expectations about Barre in general and my personal desire to teach it. Not only did I love learning the foundation of Barre, but also truly enjoyed being able to learn from Lauren. She has such a personal, genuine, fun, & encouraging personality, as well as so a vast amount of knowledge, wisdom and experience! I appreciate how organized the whole training was and how Lauren broke down each exercise, had us practice teach and gave constructive criticism. I definitely walked away from the training way more excited about Barre, working hard to grow as an instructor and finding my exact niche career wise. I hope to continue learning Barre, as well as other forms of group exercise and how to grow and expand as a teacher/person of support and encouragement for others.

– Makena Nixon

“For years I struggled with being unhappy in my corporate job and the second I found The Body by Lauren Yoga Teacher Training, my life changed forever. I finally felt like I was doing what I was meant to do and I could not be happier! Lauren’s energy and expertise is what makes this experience magical. You don’t just learn a set flow, you learn about Yoga and all the amazing aspects it has to offer. She brings in guest speakers that will open your eyes to so many different styles and studios so you can really find what style resonates with you. Lauren continues to be supportive even after the training with recommendations and guidance to ensure you transition to teaching smoothly. The training was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking to become an instructor or further their own practice.”

– Sophia Thompson

“Words cannot accurately express how I feel about my teacher training experience at YOGALUX. This training was well rounded, extensive, and life changing. I LOVE that Lauren brought in experts on the different aspects of yoga, such as kundalini, anatomy, and the chakras. And, I love that we went on field trips to experience different studios and different instructing styles. All three of our main instructors, Lauren, Britanee, and Anna, were so knowledgeable and articulate, and really seemed to care about the growth of our own yoga practice, as well as, the development of our instructing skills. The best part is that Lauren’s support has not ended, even though the training has. She allows all of her students to attend her future training classes, without further charge, to promote continued education, writes letters of recommendation, and passes on information about studios that are hiring. I could go on and on. Bottom line, this training was simply outstanding and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice or to become an instructor!”

Carolyn Wohlgamuth

“Wow! Where do I begin? The Body by Lauren Yoga Teacher Training is a major game changer. No, It’s a life changer!

From the time I was a young kid into adult hood I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. The day I found Fortis/YogaLux my life changed forever. I signed up to take Lauren’s Barre classes. Not only did my body change for the better, but I found something I actually enjoyed.

Lauren’s energy is amazing and she really knows her stuff. I had signed up to take her Barre Training and caught my first glimpse of the phenomenal knowledge she has to share. I had been taking Yoga classes with the incredible teachers at YogaLux and other places and had fallen in love with Yoga. So when the Yoga Teacher Training came up through Lauren I knew I absolutely had to be a part of it. Let me tell you, this was probably the best decision I’ve ever made.

Again her energy is incredible. I LOVE that she brings in experts in the various fields that we were studying. Each expert brought something amazing to the table. Between their knowledge and Lauren’s knowledge, each lesson was incredibly well taught and I learned something new and amazing each session. You really get in depth information and hands on learning and it is all FUN! I really feel empowered to take what I learned and share my love of Yoga with others. The cherries on top of all these incredible life changing training sessions are the amazing relationships you gain through all this. You are given tools and contacts to stay in touch with the other experts Lauren brings in AND Lauren herself. She doesn’t just leave you hanging after you graduate. She stays in contact with you and makes sure you feel ready and have what you need to move on and share you knowledge and love. Whether it’s just questions you have, a reference you need, job contacts..or just amazing encouragement. Lauren goes above and beyond. I definitely feel like I know more now about all different aspects of Yoga, than I ever have before.

If you are on the fence about taking the Yoga Teacher Training with Body By Lauren, Jump down and join in! You will not regret it.”

Christa Grau

“I have always enjoyed taking Lauren’s Barre classes as they are fast paced, fun, and a full body workout.  Attending Lauren’s Barre Workshop was a great decision because it deepened my understanding of Barre with providing correct posture, form, and function in addition to giving me all of the tools to apply this to teaching my own classes. To have this knowledge all provided in a one day workshop was amazing. Very grateful for this experience and look forward to teaching Barre classes in the future.”

Doun Lambert

“Body by Lauren’s Yoga Teacher Training Program is something very special. Lauren makes her training so personal and is a leader in the Yoga/Fitness industry.  Lauren’s teaching style is very unique and she draws a crowd everywhere she teaches. Lauren’s passion for Yoga is heartfelt through the training process. The team of specialists involved in the training are wonderful and made learning so much fun. Lauren helped me to grow in confidence to graduate and be ready to teach even before I finished the course. The beautiful studio at Fortis/YogaLux is just amazing and also having the option of select hours for childcare is alone another bonus to the package. We sang, we danced, we ventured out of the studio for lunch and beach photo shoot not to mention all the great swag that came along throughout. After completing the course Lauren has been active in helping with job placement and following up with how I am feeling as new Yoga instructor.  What an honor it was to have been taught by Lauren and being a student of the Body By Lauren Yoga Teacher Training. I would highly recommend this course and can not get enough of the beautiful studio where its located. Thank you Lauren!”

Brooke Naefke

“I would like to express my gratitude for the Lauren Huber-Griffith’s Yoga teacher training experience. Not only was it FUN, it provided such a well-rounded, challenging and motivating experience. I had difficulty finding a program that would be convenient – as I have two young children and a full-time job. Then Lauren appeared!! I learned about yoga, about my own teaching style, met amazing women, and so deeply enjoyed the physical, emotional and spiritual growth. I learned so much more than I anticipated and I’m eager share it and expand my knowledge of yoga even further. We had many experienced teachers who guided us through workshops, classes, etc. and taught us a variety of unique topics. As yogis in training, we appreciated all aspects offered by Lauren; yet the opportunity to practice teach was notably valuable. This built-in feature greatly helped us to become more comfortable teaching. With such a supportive, interesting and experienced group of instructors participating in the program, I feel well-prepared as I begin to connect with the community and share my own vision, love and experience. I met the most amazing yogis in Lauren’s program and suffice it to say that I miss them dearly. Largely as a result of Lauren’s unique style and professionalism, we became very close and even though the training is over, we continue to share a sense of community among us. If you are considering becoming an instructor or just looking to enhance your practice, I lovingly and highly recommend Lauren and her crew. I truly enjoyed the program and will miss you a lot!”

Patricia Bonchek

“I remember the first day I walked into a class taught by Lauren Huber, she lit up the room with her contagious smile and made everyone feel comfortable with her welcoming personality. Lauren quickly became my favorite teacher, as I loved her teaching style, full of appropriate challenges, positivity, and encouragement.

When I had the opportunity to go through Barre Teacher training I was ecstatic to find out that Lauren would be my trainer, especially because I had always admired her teaching style and was excited to hopefully pick up few of her tricks of being an awesome teacher.

Truth is, I learned so much from Lauren’s teacher training. It was a very well organized few days of excellent knowledge covering everything there is to know about muscle groups, the best order of a successful class, and how to communicate and encourage our students, and so much more. I hope that when I’m teaching that I will bring a lot of Lauren’s teaching style with me, as I admire and respect her so much.”

– Tenley Molzahn

“The first time I saw Lauren Huber was on a larger than life poster on the wall of my local Lululemon boutique. Sometime after, I encountered her as my instructor in a Barre class at a yoga studio where she taught in my opinion, the best and most challenging Barre Sculpt class I have ever taken.   Little did I know that I would soon be lucky enough to work closely with her in the training and development of my group exercise team.  My name is Ani Oksayan and I am the Group Exercise Director for Chuze Fitness, overseeing 13 clubs with a staff of over two hundred instructors. Over the last few months, Lauren has led both Barre Fitness and Sculpt Training workshops for my San Diego team and has created a renewed excitement for these formats in my instructors.

Lauren was incredibly accommodating in the scheduling of these workshops and was meticulous in the planning and execution. She reached out to instructors personally to help them get enrolled and answer questions, included very detailed manuals and music CD’s for all participants and led the workshops with humor, poise and an awe- inspiring knowledge of the material. She led us through lecture, role playing, practice segments and actual workouts that were fun, engaging and very informative, making what was quite a long day seem like an eagerly awaited get-together with a dear friend. Anyone who has seen Lauren has no doubt that this amazing woman practices what she preaches – her discipline and devotion to fitness is evident in both her physicality and her attitude. The kindness, patience and care that she exhibits, leads everyone who comes into contact with her to be inspired and empowered. 

After the workshops, I reached out to Lauren on a personal level for nutrition advice and was amazed to find that she immediately offered to evaluate my eating habits and design a nutritional program for both myself and my son. Despite having the time demands and restraints that we all face with relationships, children and business, she eagerly and graciously helped me with my concerns. Lauren has been the catalyst for a complete turn-around in my nutritional habits and I have so far, lost over 10 pounds following her advice.

I feel fortunate to have met Lauren, a leader and role model, in the fitness industry, and am looking forward to working with her in the near future on several programming projects and the continued training of my teams in Orange County and Tucson.”

 – Ani Oksayan

“I am an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and have taught yoga for the last 6 years. I wanted to add some other formats to my skill set, and was introduced to Body By Lauren through Chuze Fitness—and I am so glad that I was!

I went through Lauren’s Barre certification at the end of the summer. It was an all day intensive but flew by—it was fun, and Lauren’s warm and inclusive style made the group come together as a supportive unit. We helped each other learn!  After the day was over, Lauren made sure that we all had her contact info and encouraged us to write out our own class plan that week; I did that and sent to her for critique. She is responsive and motivating. I now teach private clients in this format and they love it.

In October I went to Lauren’s Sculpt training—same one day intensive format—I use what I learned in this certification class to add “umph” to my yoga classes—-and I now have the confidence to know that I am able to sub in other formats at the club and will eventually have my own class time slot in a discipline beyond yoga. 

Lauren’s approachable yet professional nature supports an awesome learning environment—she reminded us about how important it is to be aware of how you carry yourself–before and after class.  I think about this every time I set foot in the gym.

Thank you Lauren!”

 – Mary Jones

“Thank you too for your time, energy, expertise and generosity with your Barre training. As a PE teacher, I think this training will help my students become proficient at the movement but challenged and interested with the modification. Your support and reach out for our future needs as teachers is so assuring. I feel so lucky to know you as an expert resource!”

– Robin Etheridge

“I’m a fitness instructor trained in many format. I took Lauren’s Barre and Sculpt training because my group fitness manager recommended it. I was already teaching barre and yoga among other formats and was looking into learning more about these two, since I wasn’t feeling very strong about them. But after taking Lauren’s trainings I feel more confident as an instructor, my classes are more challenging and have better structure . I really learned from her what I was missing. My students are really loving my classes and they are coming back for more! Lauren’s is such an inspiration to me, I highly recommend her trainings to anyone looking to become a great instructor like her!”

 – Karen Moore

“Thanks so much for taking the time to teach us and make these awesome choreography manuals to help us deepen our practice to make us better teachers!  I am so happy I decided to attend your Barre training! When I first started barre/sculpt it definitely was challenging and I almost gave up, but I did not and kept coming back! I started to really feel changes in my body! I was getting stronger and it was amazing! I didn’t even think I had it in me to do some of the things we do in Barre or Sculpt, but you were such an inspiration to me, which made me want to push myself even harder! I am so happy I didn’t give up and I’m never going back! I look forward to attending your next Sculpt training! Thank you so much Lauren!”

– Charlene Watanabe

“After 25 years as a fitness professional, I have seen numbers of presenters.  Lauren’s Barre and Sculpt presentations were both absolutely wonderful.  She has such a clear and concise way of teaching her material.  Any fitness professional, just beginning or one with many years of experience walks away with hours of choreography, exercise sequencing, and transitional movement.  Lauren’s kind personality and obvious abilities set her attendees up for asking practical questions, practicing sequences to show one another, and then looking forward to sharing their new knowledge with their own classes.  I could take Lauren’s Barre and Sculpt Training sessions again and benefit even more!”
  – Diana Gilbert

“After taking Lauren’s Sculpt training, I feel more confident about the poses and teaching. Lauren is truly so inspiring, from Day 1 when I took her class she is a light of energy that her students cant get enough of. She is very professional, but keeps her classes fun at the same time. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous about the Sculpt training, but she is so good at guiding you, and making sure to be there every step of the way. Not only can you tell she is prepared before class, she also always shows you ways to modify poses allowing for all levels. Class goes by sooooo fast, its crazy. I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful (and fit) instructor show me how to instruct so happily like her! I love learning from Lauren. Thank you Lauren for everything that you do for us, and our bodies! We love you.” 

– Krista Smith

“Fitness has always been a big part of my life. Over the last ten years I had found myself taking an array of group fitness classes to expand my knowledge and push myself to new limits. I even went so far as to get certified in cardio kick boxing.  It was only six months ago that I stumbled upon Lauren’s Barre and Sculpt classes and immediately I found myself rearranging my schedule to ensure that I could workout with her five times a week. Lauren is by far the most inspiring and motivating instructor I have encountered in my fitness career. Her classes are incredibly challenging but she magically never makes it feel like work. Not only does she encourage each person in every class she teaches, but continues to push each one of us in a way that we want to work hard for her, to make her proud. She takes the time to get to know each one of her clients and holds them all accountable in the best way; with a smile or a wink. I am so in love with her style of training that I asked her to teach me her craft and have since become certified to teach Barre myself. I am so excited to have met Lauren and know that she will continue to teach me more and as I continue to study from her and take every class that she offers!”

– Jessica Beusan

“Lauren has such contagious energy that it makes you want to work your hardest just to keep up with her. I’m amazed how I find myself sweaty collapsing on the mat but thirsty for more each week. Not only does she comes to class full of positive energy and smiles but with new choreography and exercises that prove to give results. Her class has been so inspiring to me that I felt I wanted to do the same for others.

I completed the Body by Lauren Barre certification. I learned a tremendous amount and hope that I can someday inspire and motivate others to meet there exercise goals as Lauren has done for me. I have learned that it is possible to sweat and work hard while having fun at the same time.”

– Alicia Son

“Lauren Griffith’s Barre and Sculpt training are by far some of the best in the area!  Lauren is able to take a very complicated class concept and break it down so it is very understandable and well-defined.  Her knowledge and attitude toward Barre, Sculpt and Yoga are amazing and awe-inspiring.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to participate in her teacher trainings!”

– Kim Wilk

“Lauren is the best and most awesome health and fitness motivator I have ever met!

She’s such a fantastic and energizing instructor, taking her class is the highlight of the day! Lauren inspired me to want to become a Yoga Barre instructor after meeting her for the first time and after taking only one of her classes, I was hooked!

I wish I could take Lauren’s classes every day, but since I live in Sweden I’m hoping she’ll have her own fitness program and DVD on soon! Lauren has pure super powers and I hope she will find a way to reach many more who will benefit from her healthy lifestyle and be able to improve their lives to reach their best possible health!”

– Susanna Zeller

“Lauren is an inspiration to the fitness community. Her training is both fun and challenging. Lauren organizes her training so you can learn to easily put together a routine and instruct properly. I left feeling well versed and ready to teach. Lauren’s training is a great step to becoming a successful Yoga Barre or Yoga Sculpt instructor.”

– Lily Coelho

“In Fall 2012, I did the Yoga Barre training with Lauren Huber at Yoga Tropics. Even though it was only one day, I feel that I learned so much! We went over all the aspects of a good Barre class – warm up, cardio, weights, thigh work, and abs. We also spent a good amount of time on the importance of music and learning the counts, which I really appreciated. Lauren provided us with handouts that outlined some common Barre moves to help us plan future classes. Lauren was a great teacher and made the training not only very informative, but also a lot of fun! I would definitely recommend Lauren’s Barre training…I learned so much and I am able to use and build on what I learned when I teach my own Barre classes.”

– Lexi Carr

“The level of professionalism in Lauren’s comprehensive training was absolutely superb. Her positivity and obvious enjoyment for teaching, and fitness as a whole, makes me excited to start teaching! I would recommend Lauren to anyone interested in a certification program or a top notch instructor! “

– Maggie Knapp

“I had the opportunity to go through Lauren’s Sculpt & Barre training in 2012. The experience was a total blast! Lauren created a simple to follow format that allowed me after two days to lead a fun, well rounded and safe Barre/Sculpt class. It is an amazing, educational program that you can easily deliver to students. Lauren’s enthusiasm for teaching shines and she is brilliant at sharing the tools to guide an awesome class! I would highly recommend her training to any fitness instructor!”

– Kristin Lovett

“I attended Lauren’s Sculpt training and thought she did a phenomenal job of teaching! I wouldn’t have it any other way. It gave me a deeper understanding of what really is going on in each work out that we do. I love all the modifications especially for my wrist issue. I love how Lauren incorporated the upbeat music because really, it makes a huge difference in all fitness classes. I also love her style of teaching and making sure that each student gets the best of all- cardio, resistance training, weights and a good stretch after. I hope one day I can develop my own style picking up some of what I’ve learned from Lauren’s training and just make it a fun and inviting work out. Thank you also for being available even after the training. God bless you!”

– Bianca Petines

“I have been taking Lauren’s sculpt classes for years, but every time I attend her classes I find her enthusiasm, routines, and attitude are fresh, positive, and inspiring.  After completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training, Lauren’s sculpt and barre classes made me want to get additional certs to build my credentials- and I knew that she was the perfect person to show me the ropes!  Lauren’s sculpt and barre teacher training was an awesome experience.  Not only did I leave feeling confident that I could keep a class entertained with exercises that could change their bodies, but I also left knowing that I had a solid foundation and mentor with which to build my sculpt and barre classes! “

– Jourdan James

“The Yoga Teacher training with Lauren Huber at YogaLux went way beyond my expectations.  The wealth of knowledge and expertise brought in by the variety of teachers not only stretched our bodies, but our minds as well.  Lauren’s unique approach to this training truly gave me the confidence in believing that I can successfully share my love for this practice with others.”

 – Juliana Scoggins